What do we do throughout THE year?

SportQuest uses sports and games as a means to build relationships. Its purpose is to use the gifts and talents given by God to follow His will and to encourage the life of every person we meet. We were not called to live for ourselves, but to lay down our lives to serve others and participate in God's mission in this world. Throughout the year, we help the churches build and strengthen relationships with the children. Not only are we called to go, but we are called to make disciples.

We have drawn up an activity calendar of activities that take place throughout the year. Each church has a different vision based on reunions, which is why this is the ideal place to stay informed. In addition to local activities, this is also the place where you can find national events: Every year we organize sports tournaments, training days and other fun gatherings.

Do not hesitate to view this list and know that you are very welcome to participate.

You can always request more information by means of the information that you can find in our contact page.

SportQuest Genk - Every Wednesday from 6.30 pm - 8 pm we come together for a short reflection and a nice game of futsal.

Location: Atlas College Genk, Collegelaan 7, 3600 Genk.

Price: Free; Be at least 16 years old

maximum of 16 participants.

SportQuest Antwerp - Every week there are different moments to get together, play football, and have a snack and a drink with Ernst and the team in the Bible House.

11+: Wednesday 3pm-4pm/ 4+pm: Tuesday 5-7pm

(Community sports hall Park Loods: Damplein 28, 2060 Antwerp)

SportQuest Brakel - Every month SportQuest Brakel organizes a fun reunion. Fun, Games, and a nice message are always discussed. Be sure to mark the following dates: 2/29; 28/3; 25/4; 23/5

For all participants who would like to dive a little deeper into the Bible, there is also a Bible study evening at Daan every two weeks on Saturday from 8 pm to 10 pm.

SportQuest Gent - There are currently no official reunions planned, although we are planning to start the Sportquest Basketball Off season again in April/May.

SportQuest Geraardsbergen - The youth of Geraardsbergen are welcome to join the Brakel reunions. In addition, Wouter is also busy setting up a Bible study group. So more info will follow.

If you would like to know more or would like to be put in touch with a local branch, please contact Kevin Verstraeten. (See Contact)


upcoming events

5-5 Indoor Football Tournament

City | Sports hall Kneipp

Kneipstraat ZN, 3600 Genk

Price | Free

More information | Michael Jacobs

Email | michieljacobs1999@gmail.com





29 Februari 2020

Three-day camp for children from 8 years old.

City |

School with the Bible - The Boy Scout

Evence Coppeelaan 29 3600 Genk       

Price | 25 euros per child

Up to 20 children

More information | Kevin Verstraeten

Email | kevin.verstraeten@sportquest.org





14-16 April 2020

5-5 Mini football tournament

City | Jan Yoens Open Air Center

Dracenastraat 9, 9000 Ghent

Price | 50 euros: per team OR

30 euros: Team + Referee

More information | Kevin Verstraeten

Email | kevin.verstraeten@sportquest.org

Summer Classic

Summer Classic

1 mei 2020

7-7 Outdoor football tournament

City | Golden Chamber Sports Center
Geralaan 2, 8310 Sint-Kruis (Bruges)

Price | 45 euros per team


More information | Tearfund Youth

Email | tfyouthcup@tfyouth.be

TearFund Youth Cup

tearfund Youth Cup

09 Mei 2020



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