KEvin, Jenni, Yoah, en Ella Verstraeten

Hallo allemaal, 

Mijn naam is Kevin Verstraeten (34) en dit is mijn familie. Mijn vrouw Jenni (30), mijn zoontje Yoah (bijna 3) en dochtertje Ella (1). 

Sinds 2016 ben ik de SportQuest België Coördinator, maar ik ben al sinds 2003 actief binnen SportQuest zowel in België als internationaal. 

Wil je graag meer weten over mij en mijn rol binnen SportQuest België. Twijfel niet en stuur mij een email. 


Belgium may be small on the map, but it is big in God's heart! SportQuest has changed countless lives in this country since its beginning in 2000. A special man in this whole story was Kurt Maeyens, the man who brought SportQuest to Belgium. It was his heart's desire to tell youth about Jesus, and sport was the ideal way to reach them.


SportQuest has grown enormously since that time, but the desire to raise new generations of Belgian leaders is still there.

Maybe God is calling you to give your talents, time and values ​​to make an impact in this land for Him.


If you are interested in more information do not hesitate to contact us! We would like to sit down with you to hear what is on your mind and how you can help us achieve our goal.


SportQuest isn't just for athletic people - it's for anyone who wants to use their God-given gifts to love people and lead them to Jesus.


Here are some ways you can help:


  • PR (Tell others about SportQuest and what SportQuest does)

  • Media (photo / video)

  • Graphic design

  • Sponsorship and fundraising

  • Youth Work / Follow Up program

  • Events volunteer

  • Half-time or full-time staff


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